Collection Information Updated 28th June 2022

We're offering collections from our store, things are almost back to normal.

Telephone Ordering

Call us on 01548 856655 (press option 1 to order)
Place your order with one of our team
Pay for your order by card whilst on the phone
Provide us with a mobile number you'd like to receive order updates on

Online Ordering

We've suspended online ordering for now. As soon as we can provide a good online service we will offer online ordering again.

Now to wait...

We'll give you an estimated wait time, but if you can get to us within 10 minutes please don't make your way to our store.

Large order? We recommend bringing someone to help you carry everything. We cannot provide any assistance.

One Text

The text lets you know your order is being cooked.

This gives you 10 minutes to make your way to us.

Let us know your order number (it's in the text we send you).

We'll get your order together for you (if it's ready, if not feel free to take a seat). You may have to grab your drinks from the fridge.

Don't worry if you're a little delayed. We'll keep your order in a heated bag and wait for you to arrive.

There's some important notes to read below here

No really…

Give them a read whilst you wait!

Additional Notes

Theres a few other things to tell you…

  • You will only be able to add cold products, such as drinks or ice creams, to your order when you arrive to collect your order. If you've forgotten to order something and we haven't told you that we've finished making your order you can give us a call and we should be able to add items.
  • We can only keep your order in one of our heated bags for 30 minutes before it starts to drop in temperature.
  • Timed collection orders are welcome, but may not be ready at the exact time so please make sure you wait for our texts.

Keeping it clean…

We clean down contact points in our store as frequently as possible

We want you to feel totally safe when collecting orders from us so we make sure we clean door handles & contact points at least once every 20 minutes.

Signal is important…

We cannot be held responsible if you are unable to receive SMS text messages where you are. We'll give you your estimated wait time, so if you can't get a decent signal on your mobile where you are please aim to get to our store around the time we said your order should be ready by.

Can we have your digits?… … …

Because orders are paid for at the time of placing them we cannot release an order without knowing the order number. Our team can change the number we send messages to before we send the text. No offence, but… we may not know who you are!

We intend to break up with you…

As soon as your order is ready to collect your mobile number is removed from our database. It's a one order stand, just want to be clear - no long term relationship here.

This doesn't effect other places we may store your mobile number, such as on our till. We keep the last 4 digits of your number in our database so we can make sure messages were sent, but we can't do anything with that information beyond basic analytics.