About bibic

bibic has been transforming the lives of children and their families since 1972.

Its mission is to help children aged from six months to 18 years with conditions affecting their social, communication and learning abilities to achieve their potential for a happier and more fulfilled life.

The charity was founded by Keith Pennock whose daughter, Alison, acquired a brain injury at a young age. As all fathers do, Keith knew that Alison could achieve so much in her life if they could just access the right support and experience.

He travelled to the USA to find the therapies he knew were available and brought the techniques and strategies back to England.

The range of conditions bibic can support and the therapy programmes it offers have been developed throughout the years. Families now come to bibic’s National Assessment Centre in Langport, Somerset from all over the UK.

bibic is a registered charity that receives no government funding and relies heavily on support and donations from trusts and foundations, companies, individuals and community groups to provide the life-changing help needed by many children and their families.

Where does Pizza Planet fit in?

When I was 15 I began looking into ways to recycle Toner cartridges, at the time I was involved heavily with the IT Department at Kingsbridge Community College, primarily as a lunchtime student mentor for one of the schools IT suites. After trawling the internet I came across bibic and there began a very special relationship. Over a number of years countless car loads of empty Toner cartridges were transferred from a store in the Community College to my parents house where they were then collected by bibic who then recycled them to raise funds. When I left school my connection with bibic faded, I made the occasional donation here and there but no long term plan. That changed in December 2010, when a letter was sent out by bibic asking previous sponsors for a little bit of cash; from that letter a very special pizza was born and as a result Pizza Planet has been raising funds for bibic ever since!

Since the bibic-Q Pollo was launched in January 2011 almost £4500 has been raised and that amount grows at a steady pace every month!

Here's how we raise the money, it's very simple: For every Small bibic-Q Pollo sold we donate 50p, for every Medium bibic-Q Pollo sold we donate £1, and for every Large bibic-Q Pollo sold we donate £1.50.

I hope you agree with me that bibic is by far a worthy cause, if you want to know more about them click on the link opposite.

bibic Registered Office: Old Kelways, Somerton Road, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9SJ. Registered Charity Number: 1057635

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